About us
About Us
Scriptolex specializes in legal support of commercial activity of Russian and foreign companies and provides legal assistance in special projects requiring unique expertise and high skill.
Our experience covers both “traditional” areas of the market - corporate, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, labor and tax issues, and new emerging industries, including information law and financial and technological projects.

Our team is a unique fusion of experience and approaches of large Russian and international consulting companies that have proven their effectiveness in the Russian legal market.

Our team members have experience in conducting large transactions (including cross-border), as well as knowledge of the specific needs of Russian clients and their business. This allows us to truly find and apply effective and precise solutions through the implementation of which customers reduce their risks and save resources.
Why Us
  • Experience
    More than 11 years of successful project legal support.
  • Industrial expertise
    Understanding of industry specifics and business-oriented approach.
  • Full range of services
    Transaction support and ongoing legal support.
Our mission is to assist clients increase their profits without being distracted by solving legal issues.
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