Dispute resolution
Legal representation in private and business disputes in Russian arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels in any region of Russia

  • Litigation
- as a general and indivisible process, consistently in the courts of all instances,
- in isolation at certain stages (up to emergency support in the framework of single and especially difficult court sessions or point participation, oral presentations in cases of increased importance).
  • Search, collection and preliminary assessment of evidence in a court case; pre-trial appeal;
  • Determining strategies and tactics of dispute management; procedural planning; forecasting and counteracting the opponent’s behavior, preparing adequate countermeasures;
  • Conducting a full range of legal measures in litigation, from the initial stages and the preparation of basic documents to the exhaustive and consistent support of the case in each of the higher instances to the execution stage (“turnkey”), regardless of the complexity of the case;
  • Coordination of work with out-of-court and forensic experts, specialists; assistance in the search and selection of expert organizations regardless of their profile and specialization (medicine, construction, linguistics, etc.); Assistance in preparing questions for permission of experts;
  • Carrying out valuation in the framework of litigation, work with appraisers and SRO appraisers;
  • Collaboration with scientific and educational organizations as an element of support for litigation, ensuring the conduct of "legal examinations";
  • Comprehensive legal support in the enforcement of judicial acts.
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