Dzhagan Kudina
Dzhagan Kudina

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Djagan is one of leading tax law specialists in Russia in tax disputes and litigation, she is a certified tax consultant, member of Tax Consultants Chamber.
Djagan has extensive and unique expertise combining public service in Russian tax authorities and tax consulting to private business.
Djagan effectively protects the business interests of clients from claims of state bodies, in particular, appealing against decisions, actions and inaction, claims of tax authorities both in court and in pre-trial procedure. She advises business on relations with tax authorities (calls to commissions, interrogations, interviews, receiving various letters, requests and requirements, including preparing answers to all incoming correspondence from tax authorities). Djagan assists clients in conducting an internal tax audit of companies (groups of companies) to identify risks of claims of tax authorities, identification of tax reserves, and also provides full legal support for tax control measures (including all types of tax audits).

Tax Law
Private Clients
  • Successful and effective advice to wealthy clients and private investors on the planning and management of personal assets, structuring the business and ownership system, using and building a tax risk management system.

  • Successful legal and documentary substantiation of the actual right to income (ARI) of the beneficiary of commercial structures in the field of real estate, retail and mining, transportation services, etc., during an on-site tax audit of one of the companies, which allowed to avoid additional charge of taxes for the amount exceeding RUB1,000,000 000.

  • Effective support of tax restructuring of the business of a group of companies - distributors of Max Mara, Prada, Gucci and other well-known world brands.

  • Successful representation in a tax dispute of the interests of a foreign participant of a major Russian producer of polymer pipes.

  • Identification of tax reserves and risks for a group of companies - major mining and processing enterprises specializing in mining and processing of ore.

  • Effective advice to one of the largest owners of commercial real estate on the application of property tax exemptions.

  • Legal assistance to the client when applying tax control measures in relation to the largest distributor of tobacco products, as a result of which the estimated amount of additional tax charges was reduced by the tax authority by more than RUB 1,000,000,000.

  • Legal support of the on-site tax audit of the largest Russian freight carrier, including preparation of objections to the tax audit act, based on the results of which, the amount of claims of the tax authority was reduced tenfold.
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