Premium Legal Outsourcing
We solve complex legal issues
We value the time of the client
We apply individual approach
We speak your language
Are you looking for a reliable partner for legal support of your business? We will take care of legal routing, legal support of transactions and contracts, projects and force-majeures.
You create, reorganize or scale your business – we make it legally correct and take care of full legal support of your business activity.
We provide legal outsource according to American model, where the guarantor of reliability is the reputation of the law firm. Reputation of Scriptolex is based on 11 years of expertise in legal consulting to major business and legal support to corporations. Scriptolex professional lawyers work under the personal supervision of the managing partner.
Outsource lawyers' fee may be attributed to the expenses and due to this, to reduce the tax base, so you can pay a little less tax. You will not need to hire additional employees, elaborate internal procedures, train and bring new employees up to speed.
You delegate legal issues to a team of lawyers with expertise in legal support to corporations, major business, private clients and start-ups. We are responsible for your safety in the legal field.
Our main difference from standard legal support agencies and private lawyers is that we provide premium services to corporate clients, business owners and start-up projects. We are addressed to get a solution to a specific problem or to receive comprehensive legal support.

  1. We offer tailormade solutions and interaction formats.
  2. We respect business processes of partner companies and, if required, gently engage in the organization’s document workflow.
  3. If business negotiations, meetings, webinars, brainstorming sessions require personal or online presence of a specialist, we are ready to provide such representation.
We select a list of services based on the individual needs of each client, so even subscription and package offers are made tailored for clients' needs. You set goals - we offer the right solution. The larger and more complex the task, the larger is the budget. You will not save on services, but protect yourself from legal risks, legal costs, fines and other negative consequences.
Contact us by phone or fill out the feedback form on the site. We will clarify the list of necessary services, develop options for solving your problems, offer a convenient and effective format for interaction without unnecessary meetings, negotiations and correspondence.
01. Corporate Law and M&A
Comprehensive support of M&A transactions, business restructuring and resolution of complex corporate situations.
02. Commercial Law
Russian contract law, due diligence and legal support for entering the Russian market.
03. Tax Law
Any issues of Russian and international taxation, including tax structuring of activities and asset ownership.
04. Dispute resolution
We are not limited to the preparation of court documents and court appearances, but create a single team and multi-level protection of the client’s economic interests based on a combination of judicial actions, extrajudicial measures, investigations, inspections and negotiation initiatives that meet the individual characteristics of the conflict and lead to the desired effect.
05. Private Clients
Advice to private clients and their families on structuring asset ownership in Russia and foreign jurisdictions, succession and inheritance planning, tax structuring and other issues.
06. IP/IT and electronic commerce
Legal support of innovative projects, companies in the field of electronic commerce, Internet services, assistance in registration and protection of intellectual property rights.
07. Labor and Migration Law
Legal consulting on issues of Russian labor law, development of recommendations on the optimal application of labor law, as well as support for the implementation of large complex projects.
08. Supporting Services
Providing a comprehensive solution to problems faced by clients: delivery of documents, collection of evidence, assistance with paperwork at a notary public, translation of documents, other instructions.
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